"All over the news are infants, toddlers, young and old women are being sexually violated, abused and killed" - Leyonie Marais

What is Sisterhood?

Motivated by the brutal death of Karabo Mokwena, Sisterhood is a project , initiated by Leyonie Marais and a tribe of kind hearted, yet resilient women,  aimed at restoring the dignity and self-worth of female survivors of Gender-Based violence. 

Having started in Ennerdale in the South of Johannesburg, SISTERHOOD is now  registered as an NPO dedicated to making a difference in the community.

The initiative by Leyonie received the University of Johannesburg’s Community Engagement Faculty’s ” Empowered Women of the Year 2018″ award. 

Why was it started?

“Every day I am confronted with the devastation of this pandemic, all over the news are infants, toddlers, young and old women are being sexually violated, abused and killed. My desire is not to save the world at once but to save the world one broken, wounded, perplexed woman, man, child at a time by visiting schools, universities, churches and local communities. I share my story with the hope of making an impact in the lives of those who hear it. I believe that each time I share my story someone’s life may be challenged, changed and redirected from darkness into light.” – Leyonie Marais

What does it hope to achieve?

SISTERHOOD, partnered with a Safe house (for abused and neglected children) on the East Rand and 90 percent of the children who walk through their doors daily are sexually violated by loved ones or neighbours. These innocent children may never have an opportunity of living a normal life; however, in some form we hope to restore dignity and self-worth.

How you can get involved?

We believe that people, companies and organisations are motivated  to make a difference in the areas of Gender-Based Violence.

Should you wish to assist us or to make a donation towards the cause, please contact us below: